Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Hause offers a range of facial rejuvenation procedures designed to revitalize your facial appearance while maintaining your unique beauty. From facelift surgery to nonsurgical laser skin resurfacing, there is a treatment option for everyone.

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Body Contouring

If you consider yourself a healthy person but still suffer from unwanted fat or loose skin throughout certain areas of your body, Dr. Hause can help. He is an experienced body contouring surgeon who offers liposuction, abdominoplasty and more to help you get the firmer, fitter profile you deserve.

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Breast Augmentation

A woman's breasts are a symbol of her femininity. Whether you desire more voluminous breasts, lifted breasts or perhaps smaller breasts to alleviate the physical and emotional discomfort that often come with having overly large breasts, Dr. Hause can provide a surgical treatment option that is right for you.

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Monthly Specials

Saline Breast Augmentation
All-inclusive package $5,300.00

Memory Gel Breast Augmentation
All-inclusive package $5,900.00

Ideal Implant Breast Augmentation
All-inclusive package $6,300.00

Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty
In office procedure: $1,900.00

Full Tummy Tuck
All-inclusive package: $8,750.00

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Sacramento Body Lift Specialist
Dr. Donald Hause

Dr. Donald Hause is a plastic surgery specialist who offers body lift at his practice. In the paragraphs below he describes this procedure and how Sacramento body lift patients have benefited from treatment.

A form of body contouring is a body lift. You must remember that one limitation of liposuction is that the skin must have the ability to contract and conform over the new contour that is produced. If the skin or tissue is too lax, it will shrivel up or hang loose. This can be very unsightly. Body lifts are designed to address the issues of lax body tissues.

In certain patients redundancy of skin and subcutaneous tissue extends completely around the body. These are usually patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight, such as following lap band or other types of bariatric surgery, and have laxity of tissue throughout their body. In these patients a full body lift may be appropriate. This is similar to a full abdominoplasty but differs in that the excision of tissue extends completely around the body and results in a circumferential scar. Removal of these lax tissues re-suspends the waist, buttock, lateral thigh and abdominal regions. In those patients who are appropriate candidates the results can be miraculous. However, again the patient has to come to terms with the issue that they are trading their saggy lax tissue for a visible scar. Again, my experience is that the vast majority of patients that need a full body lift are more than happy to make that compromise. Full body lifts require a full two to to three weeks recovery but are uniformly well tolerated.

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