Facial Rejuvenation in Sacramento

Facial rejuvenation treatments have existed for years, with some techniques dating as far back as the late 1800s. Over the years, “nips and tucks” have come a long way as the entire field of surgery has experienced an explosion of innovation and advancing knowledge. Aesthetic surgery of the face is no exception.

Dr. Donald House offers a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures designed to rejuvenate the facial appearance and/or restore balance and proportion to the facial features. These procedures include browlift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), facelift and laser skin resurfacing.

What Facial Rejuvenation Can Address

The primary goal of facial rejuvenation surgery is to correct noticeable signs of aging on the face and neck. Dr. Hause can address a number of age-related concerns, including sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines, creases, areas of the face that have lost fat and areas of the face that look hollow.

Each procedure has a different area of focus: facelift targets the middle to lower regions of the face, brow lift targets the eyebrow and forehead area and eyelid lift target the upper and lower eyelids. Laser skin resurfacing, a non-surgical procedure, improves the tone and texture of the skin on all regions of the face (and neck). These procedures can be combined as needed.

More about Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

The specific operative details, including the duration of the procedure, the surgical steps and expected results, vary based on the specific procedure(s) chosen. There can be nuances within each procedure, too, depending on the specific approach that Dr. Hause takes. He varies his approach to meet the individual needs and goals of the patient.

In general, facial rejuvenation operations are performed on an outpatient basis at an accredited surgical facility. Laser skin resurfacing may also be performed in an outpatient surgical setting, depending on the laser platform used. Anesthesia is used for complete patient comfort. A full staff is on-hand to support Dr. Hause during the operation and to monitor the patient before and after surgery.

Recovery from facial rejuvenation surgery varies, depending on which procedure the patient has undergone. Typically, patients take one to two weeks off from work following facial surgery. Mild bruising, swelling and soreness are common after surgery, with symptoms improving over time. Dr. Hause provides comprehensive instructions for recovery aftercare. Since laser skin resurfacing is a non-surgical procedure, the recovery may be slightly shorter and less intense than recovering from surgery.

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Look Years Younger with Facial Rejuvenation

If you would like to learn more about how facial rejuvenation can help you look as young as you feel, please contact Dr. Donald Hause. He would be happy to explain the procedures offered and help you select the right option for your needs. Call (916) 646-6869 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hause today.