Which Breast Implants Are Safest? Choosing the Implant Option That Is Best for You

As a leading Sacramento breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Donald Hause answers questions about breast implant safety all the time. He appreciates that women who want to increase the size of their breasts wish to do so in the safest way possible. If you are thinking about getting implants, Dr. Hause... Read More

Advantages of Brow Lift Surgery Combining Facial Plastic and Eyelid Surgery

Many plastic surgeries complement each other, helping men and women realize their cosmetic goals sooner. Brow lift and eyelid surgery are a popular combination because they offer a more comprehensive approach that improves the entire upper face. Dr. Donald Hause is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can determine if combining... Read More

Which Type of Tummy Tuck Is Right for You? These Questions Will Help

Interested in cosmetic surgery to flatten your stomach? Then you’ve probably already started researching tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty), a popular surgery that removes and tightens belly skin for a firmer appearance. You may have also encountered a procedure called mini tummy tuck, which boasts a smaller incision and shorter recovery... Read More

Elevate Your Facial Plastic Surgery Results with Cosmetic Treatments

Facial plastic surgery can help patients achieve a naturally refreshed appearance.  However, it does have its limits. In most instances, facial plastic surgical procedures can be enhanced with minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. Here, Dr. Donald Hause discusses how to elevate your facial plastic surgery results with these treatments. Botox Botox... Read More

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