Tummy Tuck in Sacramento

Tummy tuck in Sacramento

Searching for tummy tuck surgery in Sacramento? Dr. Donald Hause offers both full and mini tummy tucks. The waist, abdomen and hips are a particularly difficult area of the body to tone through exercise and diet alone. Factors like pregnancy, aging and significant weight fluctuation can compound the problem. If you struggle to achieve your ideal abdominal contour, surgery may be a great option. Localized fat deposits can usually be treated with liposuction alone for a satisfactory result. If you have additional problems, such as skin laxity or separated abdominal muscles, tummy tuck may be a better solution.

Dr. Donald Hause can tighten your abdomen for a more pleasing body shape. With nearly two decades of experience, Dr. Hause is the tummy tuck surgeon Sacramento patients trust for beautiful and natural-looking results.

Why Patients Trust Dr. Hause

Dr. Hause is a fellowship-trained surgeon who has performed more than 5,000 procedures throughout the span of his career — many of them tummy tuck procedures. He stays up-to-date with all advances in plastic surgery technique and technology through membership with prestigious medical associations. Dr. Hause delivers consistently beautiful results to his tummy tuck patients. To see examples of his work, please visit our before-and-after patient gallery.

“I’m glad I picked Dr. Hause to do my breast lift and tummy tuck. I had an amazing experience from the day I talked to Tona to make an appointment. Everyone in his clinic were wonderful and professional. Dr Hause is an excellent surgeon as far as I’m concern[ed].” – RealSelf.com, Tummy Tuck Patient Review

Tummy Tuck Candidates

Only a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Hause can determine whether you are a suitable tummy tuck candidate. If you are considering the procedure, it’s best to schedule a consultation with him to discuss your needs and options.

Generally, tummy tuck candidates are individuals who:

  • Are unhappy with the appearance of their abdomen
  • Cannot target localized fat deposits or loose skin through diet or exercise
  • Are physically healthy
  • Do not smoke
  • Have attained, or are close to, their target weight
  • Have realistic expectations of surgery
  • Understand the benefits and possible risks of surgery
  • Are pursuing surgery for personal reasons (i.e., not to please anyone else)

Timing is another factor that influences your candidacy for tummy tuck. Tummy tuck is generally not recommended if you plan to have more children in the future, because pregnancy will reverse most of the effects of surgery. Dr. Hause suggests that you postpone your tummy tuck until you are finished having children. That way, you will be able to enjoy your results for many years to come!

The Consultation

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You are invited to meet with Dr. Hause for an informational tummy tuck consultation. The consultation is a great opportunity for Dr. Hause to learn more about your specific cosmetic concerns and to visualize your ideal outcome. He will ask you about your medical history, current health status and whether you’ve had any previous surgeries. This information is important to him when determining whether you are a good candidate for surgery. If Dr. Hause decides that you are a good candidate, and you choose to move forward with surgery, he will draw up a treatment plan that outlines his approach. You will also receive a packet of information and instructions on how to prepare for surgery.

During consultation, you should feel free to ask any questions that you have about surgery and what to expect during the experience. If you have a concern about an aspect of the procedure, Dr. Hause is happy to take the time to discuss it with you so you feel more informed and confident about your impending surgery.

What Happens During Surgery?

Tummy tuck is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia. Surgery does not require an overnight stay, and you will be able to go home shortly after your procedure to recover.

The specific techniques that Dr. Hause will employ during your surgery depend on your cosmetic concerns and personal goals.

Dr. Hause begins by making an incision right above the pubic area, from hipbone to hipbone. This incision is similar to that of a Cesarean Section, and is placed low enough that any scarring will be concealed beneath underwear or a bathing suit. Through the incision, Dr. Hause will repair weakened or separated abdominal muscles, suturing them into place. He will remove surplus fat, excess skin and stretch marks. The remaining abdominal skin will be tightened. When Dr. Hause is finished making the surgical modifications, he will close the incisions with sutures.

Mini Tummy Tuck

Some of Dr. Hause’s tummy tuck patients do not require full correction of the entire abdomen. Patients whose concerns are limited to the lower abdomen may be better suited to a variation of traditional tummy tuck known as “mini tummy tuck.” Mini tummy tuck focuses on treating excess abdominal skin and fat located below the belly button. It typically does not address weakened or separated abdominal muscles.

Recovering from Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery in Sacramento

For the first few days after surgery, your abdomen will be sore, swollen and bruised. These side effects are temporary and will improve with time. For the quickest healing, it’s important to rest your body and refrain from any strenuous movement, including bending and lifting. Avoid vigorous exercise, and take short walks around your house to maintain good circulation. If you need to, you can take oral pain medication as prescribed by Dr. Hause.

Dr. Hause will follow up with you during your recovery to check how your abdomen is healing, remove sutures and answer any of your questions. He will also advise when you can return to work, exercise and your everyday routine.

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost?

Tummy tuck cost in Sacramento will vary depending on a number of factors, including surgeon’s fees, facility fees, and whether you have a full or mini tummy tuck. In general, a full tummy tuck will cost between $9,000 and $11,000. To receive a personal quote, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hause. During your consultation, please inquire about our limited-duration specials.

Tummy Tuck Financing Options

We believe that cost should not prevent you from receiving the care that you want and deserve. We offer CareCredit healthcare financing, which allows you to schedule your surgery immediately and pay for it in monthly installments. CareCredit features no upfront costs, no annual fees and no pre-payment penalties.

Schedule a Tummy Tuck Consultation

Dr. Hause invites you to schedule a consultation to learn more about tummy tuck. Call our office at (916) 646-6869 or send us an email today.