J-Plasma Treatment in Sacramento

J Plasma Treatment in Sacramento

Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery and Dr. Hause are proud to introduce the newest technology in minimally invasive Plastic Surgery to the Sacramento Plastic Surgery Market. For over 100 years our profession has endeavored to improve Aesthetics by tightening skin in the areas of the face and body that become loose with age, childbearing and weight loss. In the past the only option was to remove the excess skin which required invasive procedures, long incisions and considerable recovery. This was unacceptable to many patients who decided to forego traditional techniques rather than accept the related scars and recovery. The truth is that even today, the best results with Facial Rejuvenation, Breast and Body skin contouring are achieved with Plastic Surgical techniques of Face lifting, Breast Lifting and Tummy Tucks. However, it is now possible to make considerable improvement with the minimally invasive technique of J Plasma tissue tightening and skin resurfacing.

For decades the field of Cosmetic Surgery has been looking for the solution of loose skin. Non-invasive Technologies utilizing Ultrasound, light (Laser and LED) energy, cooling of tissue, mechanical massage and even Radio frequency energy have been attempted with admittedly inadequate results. The limitation of liposuction (that the overlying skin needs to contract to result in the best contour) has underscored the need to induce skin tightening with the procedure. Although there are some claims of this occurring with some high-tech methods of liposuction (Smartlipo and Vaser), these were not reliable enough to become uniformly accepted in Plastic Surgery.

Enter J Plasma into the Cosmetic Surgical Market:

For over 60 years Surgeons have relied on Radio Frequency energy as an integral part of their procedures. Electrocautery, the sealing of blood vessels during surgery to prevent bleeding, utilizes Radio Frequency energy to allow nearly bloodless surgery throughout the body. No surgeon can do their job without it. The Company Bovie has always been an innovator of Electrosurgical Technology and many Surgeons see the name Bovie as synonymous with cautery technology (Surgeons will request the “Bovie” to stop bleeding).

Bovie has taken this technology to the next level by incorporating a column of Helium with the RF current that creates a “Plasma”. This unique modality has the effect of evenly diffusing the energy without causing as much thermal damage (burning). So the effect is purely from the effect of the energy and not as much temperature. Interestingly, this stimulates the body’s tissue to contract and form new collagen with minimal damage to surrounding nerves and blood vessels. This technology can be delivered under the skin through the same minimally invasive incisions used for liposuction.

The results are remarkable with significant improvement of loose skin that develops within weeks of surgery but can improve further for up to 6 months. Down time is similar to liposuction with patients returning to non-physical activities in 5 to 7 days and full activity within a few weeks. Garments are worn to assist in the reshaping and shrinkage of the skin.

Bovie Skin Rejuvenation in Sacramento

Situations where J Plasma may improve loose skin:

  • Facial and Neck laxity with improvement of neck and face contours as an alternative to Face Lifting Surgery
  • Upper Arm skin as an alternative to Arm Lift procedures
  • Abdominal Skin tightening as an alternative to Full Tummy Tuck procedures
  • Inner Thigh skin as an alternative to medial thigh lifts

Additional Applications:

The techniques involved with facial skin rejuvenation, whether chemical peels, dermabrasion of Laser resurfacing, rely on resurfacing the skin which stimulates the new production of collagen and other skin structures. J Plasma works in a similar way with improvement of skin tone, complexion and wrinkles.

Dr. Hause is excited to offer this new technology to his patients. The results have been good and offer an alternative to invasive procedures for those patients that are looking for improvement without the necessary incisions and down time of traditional Plastic Surgery. Dr. Hause welcomes all patients who want to be evaluated by a Plastic Surgeon who offers the complete spectrum of techniques that can improve loose skin.

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