Breast Enhancement Procedures Sacramento

One of Sacramento’s most skilled breast surgeons, Dr. Hause has helped many women feel more attractive and confident in their bust. He offers several breast surgery options to correct naturally small breasts, asymmetrical breasts, oversized/heavy breasts or breasts that sit in a low position on the chest. Dr. Hause will work closely with you to produce your desired aesthetic outcome — whether that entails subtle enhancement or a dramatic improvement.

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Breast augmentation: enhances the size and fullness of the breasts through the placement or saline or silicone implants.

Breast Lift:

Binelli (donut mastopexy): Repositions nipple in combination with breast implants to reshape and improve breast sagginess. Limits Breast Lift to around the areola.

Limited Scar Mastopexy (Lolli-Pop): Originally called Lejour Mastopexy after the surgeon who described it. Limits scar to around the areola and down center of breast combined with internal support sutures to improve breast shape.

Vertical Mastopexy: Technique where breast is completely reshaped with internal sutures and skin excision to dramatically reshape and reposition breast tissue. Can be done with breast implant if desired.

Remodel (Reduction) Breast Lift Augmentation: Propietary Technique developed by Dr. Hause over 25 years which incorporates multiple techniuqes. It allows the removal of mal-positioned breast tissue and reshaping of the breast with an implant to completely redesign an over-sized saggy breast into an Aesthetically pleasing perkier and appropriately sized breast.

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