Addressing Common Concerns About Tummy Tuck Recovery

Tummy tuck in Sacramento

Tummy Tuck Recovery

Year over year, cosmetic procedures have become increasingly popular. Abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck, is no exception. Tummy tuck can reduce the extra skin caused by both weight gain and loss as well as smooth out and strengthen your midsection. This procedure is ideal for anyone who has been pregnant or undergone significant weight loss and now has extra skin hanging over the pubic area, which can cause skin issues, hygiene problems and clothes to be ill-fitting.

Most patients have questions about the tummy tuck process and recovery. Dr. Hause works to ensure every patient feels safe, informed and confident about undergoing a tummy tuck, as your overall wellbeing is his highest priority.

Keys to a Safe Recovery

  • First and foremost, the key to a safe recovery is a healthy patient. Controlling obesity, diabetes and smoking is a critical factor to a fully safe abdominoplasty. This is also why American Society of Plastic Surgeons-certified doctors require four weeks of smoking cessation before and after surgery and for diabetes to be controlled.
  • You will go home with a dressing over the incision, and possibly a draining tube. Dr. Hause will provide specific instructions; however, you need to be diligent about changing your bandages, keeping the incision area clean and dry and only showering (no baths) when given the go-ahead. Further, should you have a drainage tube, you will need to drain and record the amount of contents three times per day.
  • Stay active, but delicately so. Just walk a bit throughout the day, adding a little more movement each day. Be sure to rest when you need it, too, as sleep is critical to any recovery.

What a Tummy Tuck Recovery Includes

As with any procedure, the results and recovery are personal. However, there are general expectations. The affected area will be bruised and swollen, which will last for a few weeks. But when the swelling subsides, you will see a belly closer to what you were expecting — flatter and smoother. 

The doctor will ask you to wear an abdominal binder. This will help prevent blood clots, offer support to your redefined stomach and reduce fluid buildup.

Will My Tummy Tuck Last?

So long as you keep any weight gain between 10 and 15 pounds, you should not expect significant setbacks. However, when weight gain exceeds that threshold, you may need a more complicated revision to your initial tummy tuck. Again, general health and wellbeing are critical; therefore, a healthy, steady weight is critical to your overall and long-term wellbeing.

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