How to Choose a Breast Implant Surgeon

How to Choose a Breast Implant Surgeon

Selecting the right breast implant surgeon is critical to the success of your procedure. However, if you don’t have any previous experience with plastic surgery, your quest to find the right surgeon may feel overwhelming at first. Here are some tips, curated by Dr. Donald Hause, a plastic surgeon in Sacramento.

Where to Look

If you’ve ever asked yourself How to Choose a Breast Implant Surgeon then start here. Personal referrals from a friend or family member are always a great place to start. The best-case scenario is that a friend or family member has had breast augmentation, enjoyed her experience and can wholeheartedly recommend her surgeon. However, in the case that you don’t know anyone that can provide a referral, there are other options.

For example, you can browse a reputable directory such as the ASPS, RealSelf or enhancemyself for breast implant surgeons that are board certified plastic surgeons in your geographical location. Search under the Sacramento section to find experienced and trusted breast implant surgeons, and review their profiles to learn more.

Once you have a surgeon in mind, it’s a good idea to confirm that he or she is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This ensures that the surgeon:

  • Has received the proper plastic surgery training
  • Passed rigorous examinations
  • Has the qualifications necessary to safely perform your breast augmentation procedure

Use the American Board of Medical Specialties website to learn more about the criteria for board certification, and search by specific doctor name and city. Note that this website includes doctors certified by all recognized medical boards, so check carefully to make sure the doctor in question is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The reason this is important is that many different types of specialists claim they can perform breast augmentation but lack the necessary credentials.

Schedule a Consultation

Once you have a plastic surgeon (or two) in mind, schedule a consultation to meet the doctor(s) and become acquainted. A one-on-one consultation is an excellent time to see whether you feel comfortable with the surgeon and to learn more about his approach to breast augmentation. It’s also a great opportunity to visit the practice, meet the support staff and look through more before-and-after photographs.

Ask the Right Questions

You will want to bring a list of questions to your consultation so you can have an informed and productive conversation with the surgeon. You might want to inquire about the surgeon’s training and experience with breast augmentation. It’s also a good idea to ask questions about the breast augmentation procedure, including the type of implants the surgeon offers and any special technology that is used.

Contact Dr. Hause

Dr. Hause is one of Sacramento’s most respected breast implant surgeons. If you would like to learn more about him and his breast augmentation expertise, please call (916) 646-6869 or send an email today.

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