Everyday Habits that Can Cause Your Breasts to Sag

Habits that Can Cause Your Breasts to SagEveryday Habits that Can Cause Your Breasts to Sag

It is common knowledge that breasts tend to sag and droop as an effect of the aging process, pregnancy and nursing. What many women do not know is that certain everyday habits can accelerate the decline of the breasts. As one of Sacramento’s leading breast lift surgeons, Dr. Hause reveals everyday habits that can cause the breasts to sag.

Crash Diets

Almost every woman has dieted at one time or another. However, crash dieting and significant weight gains and losses — particularly when they occur in rapid-fire succession — are not good for your breast shape. Weight gain can make the breasts bigger, and rapid weight loss can leave them looking deflated and saggy. A healthy, balanced relationship with food is the key. Avoid crash dieting and, instead, work with a nutritionist to eat right so that you can lose weight at a healthy and sustainable pace.

Smoking, Excessive Drinking, and Sunbathing

Several everyday vices — such as sun tanning, smoking and drinking too much alcohol — can contribute to premature aging and the breakdown of collagen in the skin, causing a loss of elasticity and firmness. Just like your facial skin, your breast’s skin absorbs UV rays when you are out in the sun, and is vulnerable to sagging and wrinkling. To avoid sun damage, steer clear of sunbathing and tanning beds and apply sunscreen regularly when outside on a sunny day. Work with your primary doctor to quit smoking, and avoid drinking more than two alcoholic beverages a day.

Poor Posture and Lack of Exercise

Poor posture can make normally perky breasts appear saggy. Pay attention to your posture; walk and sit up straight, as if you are balancing a book on top of your head. Chest exercises can help to keep the muscles strong and your weight stable. Work with a personal trainer to develop an exercise routine that strengthens your chest. When participating in strenuous workouts, wear a supportive, well-fitting sports bra to prevent your breasts from bouncing around and possibly stretching out the skin.

Consult with Dr. Hause

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