What to Bring to Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Breast Augmentation Consultation EssentialsBreast Augmentation Consultation

A surgical consultation is the first step toward breast augmentation, and normally your first opportunity to meet the person that may operate on you. Although you are certainly not required to bring anything to the appointment, there are a few key items to bring that can help the appointment go smoothly. Read on as Dr. Donald Hause, a trusted Sacramento plastic surgeon, offers his suggestions.

A Few Different Blouses or Bikini Tops

You will likely be trying on different implant sizers to determine the right size for you. It’s helpful to bring a few bras and tops, including form-fitting shirts or bathing suit tops, to try on with the sizes so you can visualize how you’ll look with different size implants.

A List of Questions for Your Surgeon

The consultation is a prime time to ask your plastic surgeon questions about the procedure, their experience, and their specific treatment recommendations. It’s very helpful to spend a few minutes prior to your consultation jotting down questions you have or topics you’d like to cover so that you can easily reference it during your appointment.

Your Calendar

At the conclusion of your consultation, you may decide you are ready to move forward and schedule your surgery! In that case, you’ll want to have your calendar readily available so you know what you have coming up and when you can allocate adequate time for surgery and your recovery.

Optional: A Loved One

Whether you want to bring a loved one to your consult to lend a second ear or provide an opinion on breast implant sizing is completely up to you. Some women find it very productive to bring their sister, mother, or best friend to their consultation; others do better without the distraction of a second opinion. If you attend your consultation alone, rest assured that Dr. Hause is happy to help guide you to choose implants that are right for your body type.

Contact Dr. Hause

If you have questions about what to bring to your breast augmentation consult, feel free to contact our office and speak to a member of our team by calling (916) 646-6869.

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