Which Breast Implant Texture Should You Choose?

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Breast Implant Texture

Breast augmentation patients must decide on several important factors, including the size and shape of the implants and the location of the surgical incision. An additional choice that leads to a lot of deliberation is the texture of the implant. Elite plastic surgeon Donald Hause offers some vital details about each breast implant texture so that patients can make an informed decision. 

The Options

Implants come in two primary textures: silicone and saline. Both varieties feature a silicone shell, but while silicone implants are filled with silicone (plastic) gel, saline implants have sterilized salt water at their center. Saline implants are always round in shape, while silicone gel implants can be round or teardrop shaped. Many believe that teardrop (aka “gummy bear”) implants best mimic the shape of authentic, youthful breasts. 

The Pros and Cons of Each Texture

Silicone is considered to have the most natural feel of the implant styles. Women whose main priority is an augmentation that feels more real to the touch, generally select the silicone gel options.

Because saline implants can be filled up after being placed in the chest, the surgeon can make a smaller incision to insert them. For this reason, women who are more concerned about surgical scarring may choose saline implants.  

When it comes to safety, both textures are considered extremely safe overall with low rupture rates. However, patients who make safety their top priority when choosing implants usually pick saline because they are easy to detect when a rupture has occurred, and the body naturally dispels leaked saline solution without any negative health consequences.

A Newer Implant Compromise

For patients who want implants that are more safe and natural feeling, Ideal Implants may be the way to go. Although Ideal Implants are not available at most plastic surgery offices, Dr. Hause has been using this state-of-the-art, FDA-approved saline option for over 10 years. The hallmark of Ideal Implants is that they feel much more natural than traditional saline options, though they are still not quite as natural feeling as silicone options. Patients who are more drawn to saline implants may find this a suitable compromise. 

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