4 Reasons People Choose Medical Tattooing To Cover Skin Abnormalities

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Tattoos aren’t just a popular way to express individuality, commemorate an important event or honor a loved one. The practice of permanently implanting pigment into the skin now has medical applications. Plastic surgeons like Dr. Donald Hause are performing more medical tattoo procedures to cover up skin irregularities and abnormalities. Read on as Dr. Hause reveals four reasons why his patients are confident in their choice to get medical tattoos.

1.    Looks Extremely Realistic

Today’s tattoos look extremely realistic, even to the most discerning eye. Qualified, experienced providers like Dr. Hause mix pigments and use shading techniques to expertly match patients’ skin tones, camouflaging embarrassing abnormalities like acne scars, birthmarks, and stretch marks. The medical tattooing process is extremely customizable to align with each patient’s individual goals, and the best medical tattoos are virtually indistinguishable from natural, beautiful skin.

2.    Lasts a Long Time

Medical tattoos are not a temporary solution — since the pigment is implanted into the skin, the results last a very long time. Years can pass before the pigment starts to fade and requires a quick touch-up.

3.    Helps Restore Confidence

For some people with large birthmarks, deep stretch marks, or conditions like vitiligo (which causes visibly white patches in the skin), self-image and confidence can suffer. It is common to feel ashamed, embarrassed, depressed, or even withdrawn from social situations due to the appearance of imperfect skin. Medical tattooing can change the life of someone affected by vitiligo, stretch marks, or birth marks by evening out skin tone and creating the illusion of uniform skin texture.

Medical tattooing is also great for the self-confidence of people struggling with alopecia (an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss). By recreating the appearance of eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair on the scalp, medical tattooing can help conceal the embarrassing effects of alopecia.

4.    Helps Close a Painful Chapter

Sometimes medical tattooing is performed to close a painful chapter of a person’s life. For women who have finished breast cancer treatment and reconstruction, medical tattooing is often the “finishing touch” to recreate the appearance of the nipples and areola on reconstructed breasts. Medical tattooing can be used to hide scars from a painful injury or surgery.

Learn More About Medical Tattooing

Dr. Hause looks forward to sharing more of the benefits of medical tattooing with you and showing you some of his incredible “before and after” transformations. Please call or email Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery today to request a consultation with him.

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