Adding Breast Lift to Breast Augmentation

Breast lift and breast augmentation in Sacramento

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the U.S., providing greater volume, elegant proportions, and optimal symmetry to hundreds of thousands of women each year. For an even more dramatic effect, many patients decide to complement their new implants with a breast lift.

While breast augmentation is all about volume, breast lift is about shape, elevation, and projection. Below, experienced Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Donald Hause discusses the benefits of pairing these two procedures.

Reclaiming a Youthful Profile

Breast lift focuses on restoring an appealing profile to the upper body by raising the breasts and reversing sagging. It improves symmetry, creates a “perky” look, and returns low or downward-pointing nipples to a natural appearance. In the process, it creates a profile that is more dramatic in its projection and proportion.

By elevating the position of the breasts on the chest, the procedure can create the appearance of a larger volume, even though a small amount of tissue is normally removed during the surgery. The increase is subtle, however. For a more noticeable increase in size, breast augmentation is recommended.

Breast Augmentation Choices

Implants will add not only volume but also strength and firmness to your breasts. The two types of implants used for breast augmentation are saline and silicone gel, which is often preferred for its strength, versatility, and natural feel. With both types of implants, the liquid or gel is contained within a flexible silicone shell.

Silicone fillers themselves come in two varieties: a cohesive gel and a form-stable gel that is used in “gummy bear” implants, so-called because their feel and consistency resemble that of the popular candy. They are also available in a round shape or teardrop variety that features greater fullness at the base of the breast.

Although silicone gel implants provide the most natural feel, Dr. Hause may achieve a similar consistency with saline implants by inserting them behind the chest muscle and stretching the implant shell by filling it with additional saline.

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