Breast Explant Surgery

Breast implant removal in Sacramento

A breast explant procedure involves the removal of breast implants while maintaining a natural, graceful body profile. It is a major surgery and is typically more complex than the original placement. That is because scar tissue forms after most surgical procedures.

Experienced Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Donald Hause has performed hundreds of breast explant surgeries for patients in Sacramento and throughout California and is ready to help you achieve your aesthetic or medically compelling goals with precise, satisfying implant removal.

Breast Explant Basics

When implants are removed, the pocket that holds the implant must be refilled with your natural tissue to restore an attractive profile. The technique used is similar to breast lift. When large implants are removed, the skin may have a stretched look; in addition, the breasts may appear to sag or have a deflated appearance. Dr. Hause is skilled in reshaping and lifting your breast tissue to ensure your look is as natural as before your initial surgery.

Breast explant patients may choose removal only, or opt for a different type of implant. Some women decide that saline implants feel less natural than they expected, and swap saline for a silicone gel variety. Other women may have health or safety concerns about silicone gel implants, and choose saline for replacement breast implants. If you choose smaller implants, the area surrounding the new implant will need to be tightened, and the skin may need to be lifted. An increase in breast size will require the surgical creation of a larger pocket to accommodate the bigger implant.

Elective to Medically Necessary

There are many reasons women choose breast explant surgery. Sometimes it is a matter of preference: a patient simply does not like the look or feel of implants, or the goals she was hoping to achieve were not met. Sometimes patients have health conditions, such as autoimmune diseases, that may be aggravated by the presence of implants. Implants may have drifted or begun to affect the texture of the skin.  

Sometimes a condition such as capsular contracture develops. This happens when scar tissue forms around an implant. Patients feel pain and notice a hardening of breast tissue. Scarring from capsular contracture can actually cause an implant to rupture.


If your explant surgery involves the removal of scar tissue, you may feel some discomfort, which will be managed with prescribed medication. Beyond that, your recovery will be very similar to that of your initial surgery. You will again experience soreness and swelling and will need to limit activities for several days. It will actually take several months for the swelling to disappear.

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