Breast Lift With Minimal Scarring? Techniques That Elevate Breasts With Limited Scars

Breast Lift in Sacramento

Over time the position and perkiness of the breasts can change. Age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations can cause breasts to sag. A popular procedure to gain back breast perkiness is breast lift.

Prior to performing breast lift, Dr. Donald Hause, a board-certified plastic surgeon, will perform a comprehensive consultation. During the consultation, Dr. Hause will answer questions and discuss surgical options. A common concern that patients have when considering breast lift is scarring. Dr. Hause is a skilled plastic surgeon who minimizes scarring whenever possible. Here, he discusses two common breast lift techniques that elevate breasts with limited scars.

Benelli (“Donut”) Mastopexy

One technique that elevates breasts with limited scars is called the Benelli (or “donut”) mastopexy. Mastopexy means breast lift.

The Benelli technique limits the scars to the area around the areola (the colored skin surrounding the nipple). While the scars are still detectable with this technique, the location of the incision is designed to minimize noticeable scarring by limiting them to around the areola. During the procedure, an incision is made around the areola, and then a second, wider incision is made around the first incision. The skin within the resulting donut shape is removed.

Patients are reminded to exercise patience with this minimal scarring technique. Scars around the areola will be visible immediately following the procedure. While the scars will never completely disappear, with time the scars should fade. Most patients find that the natural form of the areola blends well with the scar so that eventually the incision looks like little more than a faint seam. 

Lejour Limited Scar Breast Lift

Another popular minimally scarring breast lift technique is called the Lejour breast lift. This technique is also referred to as the lollipop procedure because of the incision pattern.

The Lejour breast lift involves two incisions. First, an incision is made around the areola. Then a vertical incision is made from the low center point of the circular incision down to the crease where the breast meets the chest wall. Together, the circle incision and vertical incision make a lollipop shape.

This technique is a preferred technique for patients who desire both lifting and contouring of their breasts. With this technique, the plastic surgeon molds the breast tissue into a new cone of tissue that is suspended higher on the chest wall. This creates a natural-looking breast with an improved location and appearance.

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