Breast Procedure Options

Experienced Sacramento breast surgeon

Breast Procedure Options

A trusted, highly skilled plastic surgeon is the best resource for women exploring available options to reshape and enhance their breasts. At Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Donald Hause draws upon an impressive breadth of experience to advise patients on their surgical choices, ranging from traditional techniques to breast augmentation using the new Ideal Structured Implants. Dr. Hause is at the vanguard of the latest innovations in the field, applying advanced technology to match your dreams with the ultimate result.  

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Hause uses silicone or saline implants to add volume to breasts, improve their profile, and correct any asymmetry that may exist. Each type of filling is contained within a silicone shell.

Implants come in a range of sizes and shapes, allowing patients to select a round shape or teardrop variety that features greater fullness at the base of the breast.

The Ideal Structured Implant is a state-of-the-art silicone variety. In addition to providing the more natural feel that is typical of silicone implants, the Ideal Structured Implant is also better at maintaining its shape and consistency. It is designed to resist ruptures, even the “silent ruptures” that have few obvious symptoms and may need to be diagnosed with an MRI scan.

Dr. Hause is one of a select group of board-certified plastic surgeons who are trained to use the Ideal implant in breast augmentation surgery. As a premier surgeon, he will help inform your surgical and product choices, whether your preference is an Ideal implant, traditional silicone, the so-called “gummy bear” silicone variety, or saline.

Breast Lift

Many women are happy with their breast size but hope to reclaim a youthful, perky look by elevating their breasts and eliminating sagging skin. Sagging may have occurred as a result of pregnancy, changes in weight, or aging. With breast lift, Dr. Hause repositions breast tissue and can also return low or downward-pointing nipples to a natural position. For an even more dramatic change to your profile, breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation.

Breast Reduction

Sometimes a woman’s breasts are too large for her frame, causing back and neck pain, soreness, inflammation, and even embarrassment and lower self-esteem. Breast reduction surgery can sculpt a trim upper body by reducing breast size, enhancing symmetry, adjusting the nipple, compressing the size of the areola, and generally creating a more youthful profile.

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