Brow Lift Recovery: What to Know

Brow lift recoveryBrow Lift Recovery

As people age, their skin loses elasticity, which causes the brows to sag. A sagging or low-brow position can make the face look sad, tired, or even angry.

An effective, long-lasting solution to these changes is a brow lift, a cosmetic surgery procedure that elevates drooping brows to restore a brighter, more refreshed appearance to the eyes and face.

Brow lift surgery offers patients a lot of benefits, but the procedure does involve a recovery period and downtime.

Here, Dr. Donald Hause, a past president of the Sacramento Society of Plastic Surgeons, shares what patients need to know about brow lift recovery.

Types of Brow Lift

There are two kinds of brow lift surgery:
1. Coronal brow lift: the classic lift which involves a much longer incision
2. Endoscopic brow lift: a less invasive approach which involves the use of an endoscope

The length and intensity of recovery vary slightly for each type of surgery.

Brow lift aftereffects typically subside in 10 to 14 days. However, since a coronal brow lift involves a longer incision, the recovery time is usually slightly longer.

Coronal brow lift patients also tend to experience more significant side effects, such as bruising, numbness, and itching, the last of which can last up to several months.

A full recovery from both types of surgery can take up to several months, as swelling subsides and scarring fades.

What to Expect After Brow Lift Surgery

After the procedure is complete, the patient’s forehead may be taped or wrapped loosely to reduce bruising and swelling, and a thin tube may be inserted to drain excess blood and fluid. The tube can be taken out a day or two post-surgery. Patients can also expect to have stitches or staples beneath the hairline, which are usually removed in about a week.

To minimize swelling, patients should keep their heads elevated, including while sleeping, for at least two days post-surgery. Other side effects may include numbness or tingling at the incision site and bruising in other parts of the face, including the eyes and cheeks.

Patients can apply cold compresses to the forehead and take pain medication as recommended by their doctors to ease any discomfort. To promote healing, patients should also get plenty of rest and avoid heavy lifting and vigorous physical activity for the first few weeks.

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