Can Breast Reduction Eliminate My Back and Neck Pain?

Breast reduction in Sacramento

Can Breast Reduction Eliminate Back & Neck Pain?

Poor posture, which typically looks like a forward hunch in your shoulders, neck, and hips, negatively affects the entire backside of your body (along with many other bodily functions). It makes sense, right? As you slouch forward, you’re pulling on all of the back, neck, and spinal muscles, tendons, and bones that keep you upright.

Poor posture is a concern of about 50 percent of Americans and in many cases can be corrected with specific exercises. But for some women with large breasts, this is not the case. And as long as you are carrying around the weight of a chest that is too big for your body’s musculoskeletal structure, you will likely experience uncomfortable and unnecessary stress on your posture, from your neck to your mid-back all the way down to your knees.

While there are exercises aimed at helping to improve poor posture that results from a large chest, breast reduction surgery provides almost immediate and surefire relief from neck and back pain. Also known as reduction mammaplasty, breast reduction surgery is an effective and proven way to relieve you of the pain large breasts create, among other potential ailments and disadvantages, including:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Skin rashes and discomfort under the breast folds
  • Limited activity or discomfort during activity
  • Painful bra strap indentations on your shoulders
  • Asymmetry
  • Lowered self-confidence

The Breast Reduction Procedure

Alleviating neck and back pain caused by heavy breasts is undoubtedly a top reason women undergo this procedure. The doctor achieves this patient goal by removing breast tissue by weight to release the load your back is carrying. The amount of tissue removed is specific to each patient’s height, weight, and body surface area. Ninety-five percent of women feel satisfied with the results of their surgery and would undergo the procedure again.

Back and Neck Pain Relief

The improvement and relief you’ll feel are nearly immediate because the weight is no longer pulling your backside forward. Any of the strength work you did prior to surgery in an effort to correct the pain will only work in your favor.

Duration of Relief

The best candidates for breast reduction are those who have no plans for significant weight changes or to have any more children. So those considerations, along with continual strength work and healthy living efforts, will keep the results of your mammaplasty permanent. While age can cause shifts and changes throughout your whole body, including your breasts, you can do your best to slow the effects by maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper diet, exercise, and rest.

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