Can Med Spa Treatments Get Rid of Cellulite? Cellfina Offers Smoother Skin

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Women of all shapes and sizes can develop cellulite. Even the slimmest, most fit-appearing woman can be plagued by dimpled, puckered skin. In fact, 80 to 90 percent of women are affected, claims the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Cellulite most commonly develops on the backs of the thighs and the buttocks.

If you are bothered by cellulite and motivated to take steps to address it, Dr. Donald Hause offers a safe and effective solution called Cellfina. Conveniently performed in an office setting — usually in an hour or less — Cellfina addresses the root problem of cellulite to deliver noticeable and lasting results. With smoother skin and less visible puckering, you can feel confident showing off your body.

How Cellfina Works

To understand how Cellfina works, it helps to know how cellulite develops. You may think cellulite is exclusively caused by body fat, but that isn’t the case. We have thick connective tissue bands that are woven through fat and run perpendicular to the underside of the skin. When these bands pull down on the skin and the fat bulges upward, the dimply, orange-peel-like texture of cellulite appears.

Therefore, eradicating cellulite isn’t about removing fat. Actually, these thick connective tissue bands must be released, which is precisely how Cellfina works.

During a treatment session, the skin is completely numbed. The Cellfina device breaks up the connective tissue bands pulling down on the skin. This process normally takes 45 minutes to an hour. Once the bands have been released, puckering is less noticeable and the skin in the treated area looks smoother.

Cellfina is a minimally invasive procedure, so you don’t have to plan for excessive recovery downtime or serious adverse effects. Many of Dr. Hause’s Cellfina patients can resume work and their normal routine within a day or so of treatment. They may have bruising and swelling for up to two weeks after treatment.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

In Dr. Hause’s experience, initial results can be seen as soon as a few days after Cellfina treatment. One study showed the results last at least three years. Most patients only require a single treatment session to achieve their desired cellulite reduction.

For more in-depth information about how Cellfina works, and what you can expect during a treatment session, Dr. Hause invites you to schedule a one-on-one consultation at his Sacramento plastic surgery practice. He will patiently answer all of your questions and help you make decisions about your care. Call or email us today to request an appointment!

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