Changes Possible with Brow Lift

Brow Lift

While facelift has traditionally been the go-to procedure for reversing signs of aging on the face, it primarily tackles the skin on the lower face and neck. Brow lift has become an increasingly popular surgery for those who find themselves more concerned with the aging at the top of their face.

A brow lift is performed by making a long incision (often along the hairline) and then removing excess fat and skin, ultimately pulling the remaining skin and suturing it into a tauter position. Here, Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery’s expert plastic surgeon Donald Hause discusses some of the many changes achievable with brow lift.

Diminishing Forehead Wrinkles

The lines that appear on your face when you make certain facial expressions can eventually become deep-set wrinkles. Brow lift gets rid of those unwanted creases by smoothing out the skin for results that can last upwards of 10 years. 

Minimizing Crow’s Feet

Some patients use dermal filler injections to treat the lines that jut out from the side of the eyes, but it takes multiple sessions a year to keep the results going. On the other hand, the tightening effects of brow lift can reverse these lines caused by squinting for many years to come.

Restoring Former Eyebrow Arch

When your brow skin sags, it usually takes your eyebrows down with it. That impacts the curvature of the brow, as well as its higher, youthful position. A brow lift can elevate the eyebrows back to where they used to sit on your face.

Decreasing Upper Eyelid Sag

As the forehead gets heavier and the skin pushes down, the domino effect can lead to your upper eyelid drooping under that pressure. Patients tend to dislike eyelid sag because it ages them and, in some cases, can slightly impair their range of vision. When brow lift tightens up forehead skin, your eyelids are likely to have the space to resume their former natural position.

Softening Your Perceived Attitude

Once the lines that usually show up when someone frowns or is incredulous become permanent creases, it can make your face seem angry or judgmental, even when you are quite happy! Brow lift restores a more neutral expression to your resting facial position so that those lines emerge only when you mean them to.  

Are you considering a brow lift to rejuvenate your face? Dr. Hause is available to examine your skin and provide you with a realistic idea of what brow lift can achieve for you. To schedule a consultation, please call Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery at (916) 646-6869.

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