Dressing Your Figure after Body Contouring

Dressing Your Figure after Body ContouringDressing Your Figure after Body Contouring

Liposuction, tummy tuck, body lift and mommy makeover patients are usually elated by the possibilities of wearing new clothing after surgery. When you love your body’s shape and curves, shopping becomes an enjoyable experience. However, if you are used to dressing a larger figure, you might struggle at first to find flattering clothing.

Here, Dr. Donald Hause of Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery shares a few tips for dressing your figure after body contouring surgery.

Support the Healing Tissues

Before you run out to purchase any new threads, focus on your recovery. Chances are that Dr. Hause has advised you to wear a supportive garment to help the tissues heal. These garments put slight compression on the treated area to reduce swelling and promote a swift recovery. Wait until Dr. Hause instructs you to remove the garment before hitting the fitting room!

Choose One Feature to Flatter

With a slender, sexy figure, it can be tempting to show off every asset simultaneously. The classier alternative is to highlight one feature at a time. For example, if you’ve chosen a close-fitting shirt or sweater to hug your slim waistline, wear a looser pant or skirt. Alternatively, if you want to show off your toned legs with skinny jeans, select a voluminous top to complement the look. This strategy prevents any strange looks or negative attention from passers-by.

Have Your Pieces Altered to Fit Your Body

Chances are rare that every garment you buy off the rack will fit your shape as-is. Jeans may drag on the floor, a skirt may fit the hips but be too big in the waist, or shirt sleeves may be too long. That is why a good tailor is priceless; s/he can customize your clothing to hug the areas you want to emphasize. You will be getting a lot of new attention and you want your clothes to look like they were custom made for you.

Invest in the Classics

You’ve got a beautiful new figure and it’s time to treat yourself. It’s easy to create outfits around classic pieces — like a well-tailored trench coat, a button-down shirt and a pair of boot-cut jeans. And, these garments will never go out of style! You can pair any classic piece with the latest trends to satisfy your creative urges.

Pull Together Your Outfit with Accessories

The right accessory is the cherry on top of a gorgeous outfit. Try a well-constructed leather belt, or an eye-catching pair of earrings. Tank watches and silk scarves are great conversation starters. Be cautious not to overdo it; you don’t need a huge belt, scarf and sparkly jewelry. Choose one or two of your favorite pieces.

Dressing Your Figure after Body Contouring

Do You Want a More Attractive Figure?

If you haven’t had body contouring surgery, and are curious whether it can help you love the way you look, Dr. Hause invites you to schedule an informational consultation. He can advise you of your procedural options and put together a treatment plan customized to your personal goals. Contact Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery by calling (916) 646-6869 today.

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