The Health Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Health Benefits of Plastic SurgeryThe Health Benefits of Plastic Surgery

It’s a common misconception that plastic surgery is solely performed for cosmetic reasons. While it’s true that plastic surgery can improve a patient’s appearance, there are some procedures that can also help improve health. In this blog post, Dr. Donald Hause, a trusted Sacramento plastic surgeon discusses three procedures that can help resolve health issues.

Breast Reduction

Many women who seek breast reduction experience physical problems that often come with overly large breasts. Large, pendulous breasts can lead to poor posture, not to mention back, neck and shoulder pain. Reducing the breast size to one that is more proportionate to the body eliminates these problems. Following breast reduction surgery, patients report being able to move around easier and enjoying physical activities more.

Body Lift

Body lift is a body contouring procedure that removes excess, loose skin from several body areas including the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Loose, excess skin is a common occurrence among individuals who have lost a substantial amount of weight via exercise and diet or surgery. Numerous studies have found that removing excess skin after massive weight loss can motivate patients to exercise regularly and eat right, helping them to maintain a healthy weight and avoid the health risks associated with gaining weight and becoming obese.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is one of the most popular facial rejuvenation procedures performed today. While the procedure is a great way to soften and brighten the eye area, it is also often sought out for medical reasons. Loose or sagging skin from the upper eyelids can partially block a person’s line of vision. This can make everyday tasks like driving dangerous. In these cases, eyelid surgery is considered to be medically necessary. During eyelid surgery, excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is tightened, not only rejuvenating the eyes but sometimes restoring a patient’s ability to see properly.

Mental Health Improvements

Some patients suffer from psychological disorders from struggling with a perceived physical flaw. For example, a woman with overly large breasts may feel embarrassed about her appearance and even withdraw from social or professional interactions. Resolving physical imperfections via plastic surgery can help boost a patient’s self-confidence and quality of life, improving stress, anxiety and depression.

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