Incision Care after Plastic Surgery

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Incision Care after Plastic Surgery

Every plastic surgery procedure requires incisions, which heal by forming scars. If you are planning to undergo a face, body, or breast procedure with Dr. Donald Hause, you will need to know how to care for your healing incisions and scars. By being careful and diligent about incision and scar care, you can maximize your chances of small, discreet scars.

Basic Care

Dr. Hause and our team will provide comprehensive instructions for caring for your healing incisions. The most important guideline is to keep your incisions clean and dry. You might have to cover your incisions when you bathe, depending on your chosen procedure. Dr. Hause will give you antibacterial ointment or a prescription for the ointment, which should reduce the risk of infection when applied correctly. Please use the ointment as directed.

Other Incision Do’s and Don’ts

Do change your incision dressing as directed by Dr. Hause.

Do check your incisions regularly for signs of infection.

Do call our office promptly if you notice anything concerning your incisions or scars.

Do practice patience as your surgical incisions heal and scars form. The scar maturation process typically requires six months to a year.

Don’t smoke (it interferes with the body’s natural healing abilities).

Don’t rub, scrub, or scratch your incisions.

Don’t apply any skin care products to your incisions that haven’t been approved by Dr. Hause.

Don’t apply makeup to your incisions until Dr. Hause clears you to do so.

Don’t directly expose your incisions to sunlight.

Don’t pick at your scars as they form.

Don’t worry if your scars appear red or raised at first. As long as you practice proper wound care and don’t develop any complications, the scars should fade and flatten over time.

Signs of Potential Complications

Dr. Hause is extremely cautious in the operating room to reduce your risk of complications. But in rare cases, infections and other problems can occur, even after a textbook-perfect procedure. It’s always helpful to know the signs and symptoms to watch for during the recovery period.

Please contact us if you notice any of the following:

  • Your incision is hot to the touch
  • Your incision produces a yellow or green discharge
  • The area around the incision becomes red or hard
  • You have pain that worsens in the days following surgery
  • You have a fever
  • There are changes in the size or shape of the incision

When problems are caught early, they are easier to treat and less likely to have long-term consequences to your results and your overall health.

For more information about recovering from plastic surgery, please call (916) 646-6869 or email us today.

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