A New Year, a New You

A New Year a New You

The celebration of a New Year is a great opportunity for personal renewal and making positive changes in your life. If you have always wanted to improve your appearance with plastic surgery, make 2024 the year that you finally pursue the procedure of your choice.

Dr. Donald Hause, a board certified Sacramento plastic surgeon, offers five reasons to stop waiting and follow your dreams of having plastic surgery in 2024.

1.     To fix an embarrassing physical feature

Have you always been self-conscious of your oversized nose, forehead wrinkles or asymmetrical breasts? If so, why waste another day feeling that way? Take charge of your appearance and have the vexing feature corrected, so you can feel more attractive and confident.

2.     To correct pregnancy-related changes to your body

Do you yearn for your once-flat abdomen, perky breasts and general pre-baby physique? If you love your children, but wish for your old physique, there are procedures to help. Dr. Hause offers mommy makeover to target pregnancy and breastfeeding-related changes. Fathers that have gained weight or developed noticeable wrinkles can seek treatment, too!

3.     To stay competitive in the workplace

Perhaps you’re an older professional that wants to keep up with younger colleagues. Or, you’re searching for a new client-facing position and want to appear as a sharp, gregarious candidate in the workforce. Facial plastic surgery (e.g., facelift, eyelid lift) will restore youthful vitality to your appearance.

4.     To look as young as you feel

Maybe your children are grown, you’ve retired from the workplace, and you stay busy and active with exercise and a rich social life. You’ve always taken care of yourself with diet and exercise, yet your face or body looks noticeably aged. Plastic surgery will create harmony between your energetic spirit and your outward appearance. You will look as young as you feel!

5.     To mark a fresh start

Some people experience a life-changing event — divorce, the death of a spouse or a cross-country move — and want a fresh start. A new year a new you. A cosmetic procedure can complement the internal changes you’re experiencing by rejuvenating your external appearance. If you’re a suitable candidate, plastic surgery can play a positive role in your transformation.

A New Year a New You

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