9 Tips for Choosing the Best Mommy Makeover Surgeon for Your Surgery

Are you tired of a saggy stomach, drooping breasts, and excess fat around your waist? Do you want to regain your confidence and feel good about yourself again? If the answer is yes, then a mommy makeover surgery could be the solution you're looking for. A mommy makeover is a combination... Read More

Customizing Your Mommy Makeover To Improve Your Breasts and Body

Many women are interested in improving the look of their bodies after childbirth and pregnancy. Because of this, there are many procedures and treatments that are available to address these common issues. Dr. Donald Hause is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Sacramento with nearly two decades of experience helping patients... Read More

How Soon Is Too Soon for a Mommy Makeover?

How Soon Is Too Soon for a Mommy Makeover? After pregnancy and nursing, many women experience undesirable physical changes, including weakened abdominal muscles, stubborn surplus fat on the hips, thighs or abdomen and saggy, unshapely breasts. If you feel your body has changed too much since becoming a mother, Dr.... Read More