Overdoing It: The C-Tuck Trend

C-tuck after C-section SacramentoC-tuck

It’s an example of multitasking taken to a new extreme: Giving birth and repairing the damage of pregnancy on the same day, and on the same surgical table. Some busy moms are opting to skip the traditional ABCs of delivery day by rushing straight to C: Caesarean section followed by an exhaustive C-tuck procedure.

Below, experienced Sacramento plastic surgeon Donald Hause discusses the attraction and risks of C-tuck, and whether there is any realistic benefit in pairing these surgical procedures.

Pregnancy has always been a major reason for the popularity of tummy tuck. During nine months of abdominal stress, stomach muscles may weaken and separate. These structural changes reshape the appearance of the belly, resulting in a look that is less toned and tight. For women whose delivery was Caesarean, there is the added consideration of the C-section scar. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, recreates a smooth, “tucked-in” stomach by removing excess skin, and some fat and tightening abdominal muscles.

The Rise of C-Tuck

In recent years a new choice has gained popularity, the idea of planning twin birthdays for baby and belly with C-tuck. This is when tummy tuck is performed right after a Caesarean birth. There are a number of factors that should rule out C-tuck for many women. Chief among them is the reality that the Caesarean procedure would need to be planned in advance. A decision that is made during labor does not allow sufficient time for the obstetrician and plastic surgeon to coordinate the double operation.

Even when Caesarean delivery has been chosen far in advance, there are compelling reasons to put tummy tuck on hold. Your body needs time to recover from the stress of pregnancy and to heal. The stretching of the abdomen and uterus can make it difficult for a surgeon to determine the extent of the tightening you will need. You will feel weak and exhausted from labor, and more so when your body is recovering from abdominoplasty. Plus, a tummy tuck will require one to two hours, the time you could be spending recovering from delivery and sharing your first moments with your new baby.

For all of these reasons, experienced Sacramento plastic surgeon Donald Hause advises that expectant moms delay tummy tuck for several months when mind, emotions, and body will all be stronger.

At that time you will more effectively be able to judge what changes you want to see in your abdomen and profile. And, if you later decide that you would like to have more children, it will be appropriate to wait until your family is complete, as a subsequent pregnancy will reverse the muscle strength, tightness, and integrity gained from tummy tuck.

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