Plan for Your Summer Beach Body Now

Plastic Surgery for your Summer Plan for Your Summer Beach Body

The year may have just started but it’s never too early to plan for your summer beach body. If the mere idea of bikini season makes you anxious, Dr. Donald Hause of Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery encourages you to explore plastic surgery. Planning and undergoing cosmetic enhancement months ahead of summer allows your body ample time to recover and heal properly. In this blog post, Dr. Hause shares common plastic surgery requests he hears for a stunning summer beach body.

A Toned Stomach

Do you exercise regularly but still can’t seem to lose the flab or pouch on your stomach? Tummy tuck surgery is a body contouring procedure that removes excess, loose skin on the abdomen, creating a smoother and flatter stomach. For stubborn fat on the stomach and waist, Dr. Hause can perform liposuction. The fat removal procedure can also be used to remove unwanted fat from the hips, back, arms, thighs, and buttocks.

Fuller and/or Perkier Breasts

If your bikini top calls attention to your small or asymmetrical breasts, breast augmentation can give you the flattering chest you desire. In addition to fuller, shapelier breasts, breast augmentation can also create a more attractive silhouette. If your breasts are saggy or deflated due to pregnancy, weight gain, or the natural aging process, breast lift can give them a boost. Breast lift removes excess skin, reshapes the breasts, and positions them higher on the chest wall for a younger-looking, perkier appearance. Depending on your concerns, Dr. Hause may recommend combining breast lift and augmentation.

Glowing Skin

Dry, unevenly toned skin at the beach can be just as embarrassing as a flabby stomach or sagging breasts. Restore your skin glow by undergoing a skin treatment with Dr. Hause. The doctor offers several skin treatments including chemical peels and skin resurfacing to brighten complexion and treat an array of skin concerns including acne, uneven skin pigmentation, wrinkles, and rosacea. Dr. Hause also offers medical-grade skin care products to nourish the skin. Speak to us today to learn more about these products and treatments.

Contact Dr. Hause Today

If you have spent years dreading bikini season, make this the year you finally achieve an enviable physique. To learn more about the treatments Dr. Hause offers, schedule a personal consultation today. Call Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery at (916) 646-6869.

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