Is Gifting Plastic Surgery a Good Idea?

Gifting Plastic SurgeryGifting Plastic Surgery

As plastic surgery continues to rise in popularity, so too does the trend of plastic surgery gifting. As one of Sacramento’s leading plastic surgeons, Dr. Donald Hause regularly meets not only with potential patients but also with people who are interested in giving the gift of plastic surgery to their loved ones. While plastic surgery gifting is becoming more common, it is still a sensitive subject. In this blog post, Dr. Hause shares several guidelines on when giving the gift of plastic surgery to someone is appropriate.

When Plastic Surgery Gifting Is Appropriate

Plastic surgery can be a wonderful gift if done correctly. But the truth is the decision to undergo any cosmetic procedure — regardless of whether it’s surgical or non-surgical — is a personal choice. Dr. Hause does not recommend gifting plastic surgery to someone who has never expressed any interest in pursuing cosmetic enhancement. In other words, the gift of plastic surgery should never be a surprise. In fact, we encourage you to only gift plastic surgery to someone after the person has explicitly made the decision to undergo the procedure and is taking steps towards making their surgery a reality. For example, someone who is in the midst of researching a plastic surgeon or who has already scheduled their procedure would likely appreciate receiving a gift card or certificate for cosmetic treatment from you.

If your loved one has expressed interest in plastic surgery but has not mentioned a specific procedure, do some research about the treatments that may address their concern(s). The best way to learn more about plastic surgery is by consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Hause is a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon and is available to meet with you to answer your inquiries. However, keep in mind that the decision about whether someone is a good plastic surgery candidate can only be made after Dr. Hause meets with the potential patient personally. Encourage your loved one to contact our plastic surgery office for a consultation. Once Dr. Hause evaluates the patient’s medical history and discusses their aesthetic concerns and goals, the doctor can advise whether he thinks the patient is a candidate for a certain treatment.

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