Is Plastic Surgery Safe for Seniors?

Is Plastic Surgery Safe for Seniors?

An ever-increasing number of adults over the age of 65 are choosing to have plastic surgery. One possible reason for the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery among seniors is that they are feeling healthier and more invigorated later in life than previous generations perhaps did. It is only natural that they would want their outer appearance to complement their inner vitality.

As more older adults pursue plastic surgery, the question of safety arises. Is plastic surgery safe for individuals over the age of 65? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Donald Hause explores the answer.

What the Research Illustrates

Recent data demonstrates that the complication rate among elderly patients is similar to that of younger patients. In reviewing data from May 2008 to May 2013, researchers determined that adults over the age of 65 experienced complications from plastic surgery at a rate of 1.94 percent. Younger patients undergoing plastic surgery had a complication rate of 1.84-percent. The difference in these rates is statistically insignificant, illustrating that cosmetic surgery is, in fact, as safe for seniors as it is for younger individuals.

Moreover, patients over the age of 80 also experienced similar complication rates. The postoperative complication rate among octogenarians was 2.2 percent, which is statistically very similar to that of seniors and younger patients.

Plastic Surgery Among Seniors

One of the main differences between older and younger patients is the type of procedures they pursue. Older patients undergo facial rejuvenation procedures more often than younger ones do; 62.9 percent of seniors had cosmetic facial surgery, in contrast to just 12 percent of younger patients.

Learn More, No Matter What Your Age

Overall, the data illustrates that cosmetic surgery is as safe for seniors as it is for younger individuals. Dr. Hause and his team invite all patients, of any age, to learn more about their plastic surgery procedure of choice. Dr. Hause takes every precaution available to minimize the risk of complications, for all his patients. He is dedicated to keeping his patients safe and delivering beautiful aesthetic results from surgery.

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