What Is the Right Age for a Breast Lift?

The right age for breast liftBreast Lift

Many women consider breast lift surgery to raise sagging breast tissue that occurs as they age. However, some younger women also have elongated breasts or nipples that point downward due to hereditary factors. Whatever the cause, a breast lift procedure can help improve the shape and position of your breasts.

If you are considering breast lift but are unsure whether you are the right age for the procedure, Dr. Donald Hause is here to help. Here, the Sacramento plastic surgeon discusses the right age to get a breast lift.

Causes of Sagging Breasts

But first, let’s look at the possible causes of sagging breasts:

  • Weight fluctuations (caused by diet or pregnancy and breastfeeding)
  • The natural aging process
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle factors such as smoking and sun damage

When to Get a Breast Lift

There is no perfect age to get a breast lift. However, there are some situations where you would be advised to wait before getting your breast lift procedure.

You should not get a breast lift until your breasts have finished developing. Some women may be in their teens when this happens, while others may continue to have breast development into their twenties.

If you’ve recently lost a significant amount of weight or are still losing weight, you should also wait to get your breast lift procedure until your weight has stabilized. This ensures the best possible results. You should be at or near your ideal weight and stay there for a period of at least six months before getting any plastic surgery procedure, including breast lift. Otherwise, your breast size and shape may change after your procedure, which could compromise your results. Women who choose to undergo breast lift after pregnancy should wait until their weight has stabilized and they are no longer breastfeeding.

Every Breast Lift Is Unique

Every woman has a unique breast size and shape, and a breast lift can help women young and old to achieve perkier, younger-looking breasts. A breast lift can also be combined with either breast augmentation or breast reduction. Getting the two procedures together allows you to really customize the appearance of your breasts to achieve your desired cosmetic goals.

Learn More about Breast Lift

To get a professional opinion on whether you are a good breast lift candidate, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Hause. Contact us by calling Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery at (916) 646-6869.

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