BREAST LIFT WITH AUTO AUGMENTATION Breast Lift with Auto Augmentation Plastic Surgery is an ever-evolving specialty that continues to make improvements in the management of deformities. Breast Ptosis or sagginess is a common situation that many women develop after childbirth, weight loss or it may have been present throughout their... Read More

The “Latest and Greatest” Plastic Surgery Advances and the Franchising of Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Advances I am writing this editorial Blog on Plastic Surgery Advances in response to an increasing number of patient inquiries regarding specific “New” Techniques and Cosmetic Surgery Franchises that have entered the market place. The typical question is “Do you do (pick a way-cool-sounding procedure or machine) or... Read More

“Dr. Hause, what Plastic Surgery do I need?”

"Dr. Hause, what Plastic Surgery do I need?" I was at a Swimming Meet this weekend and one of my friends asked me if I perform Abdominoplasty at the same time as Breast Augmentation. My reply came in the form of explaining the concept of the “Hot Topic” of Mommy... Read More