The Importance of Compression Garments after Plastic Surgery

Compression Garments after Plastic Surgery

Compression garments are a recovery essential for many common plastic surgery procedures. Wearing your garment consistently after surgery will make you more comfortable, decrease the risk of post-operative complications, and help you achieve your final results quickly.

Read on as Dr. Donald Hause sheds light on what exactly compression garments do.

Benefits of Compression Garments

Any surgical procedure takes a toll on your body. After surgery, your body sends thousands of cells to the affected area of the body to help it heal, which causes swelling. Although swelling is normal, it can be uncomfortable. Wearing a tight-fitting compression garment reduces the amount of swelling you experience and makes you more comfortable during the initial post-op phase.

Another benefit of compression garments is that they help the skin in the treated area retract. The steady pressure provided by the garment holds the skin to the underlying tissue, offering support and reducing the likelihood of sagging or lumpy-looking skin.

Compression garments also promote effective blood circulation. Good circulation speeds up wound healing and reduces the risk of (rare but dangerous) blood clots.

Wearing Your Compression Garment after Surgery

Dr. Hause will go over everything you should know about compression garment wear during your pre- and post-operative appointments. The type of garment you select and how long you wear it depend on your specific procedure, the quality and firmness of your skin, your recovery progress, and other factors.

If you undergo an abdominal procedure such as abdominal liposuction or tummy tuck, you can expect to wear a garment akin to a bodysuit or a girdle. If you undergo a breast procedure, your compression garment will probably resemble a sports bra with a front zipper. High-waisted compression shorts work well after thigh procedures and Brazilian butt lift.

In general, a compression garment should have a snug fit, but it shouldn’t be so tight that it causes discomfort. The more you wear it, the better, so attempt to wear the garment full-time (except when you bathe). Some patients like to purchase two garments, so they always have a clean one on hand while the other is being laundered.

After the initial healing period, Dr. Hause will clear you to wear your compression garment less often or permit you to transition to a pair of Spanx or a regular sports bra (again, this depends on your procedure).

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