Why the Facelift is Still a Popular Facial Plastic Surgery: A Focus on Natural-Looking Results

Facelift in Sacramento

People start to notice significant signs of aging in their 40s and 50s and begin to worry about looking older than their given age. Men and women may try cosmetic treatments, such as injectables and laser skin resurfacing first, but facelift continues to be a top procedure for addressing age-related changes. While previous methods were known for creating a too-tight or “windblown” appearance, new techniques for facelifts focus on natural-looking results that go beyond removing excess skin.

Today’s facelifts focus on restoring lost volume to hollow areas, tightening underlying muscles, and redistributing displaced fat to restore a younger appearance that turns back the clock. Dr. Donald Hause is a board-certified plastic surgeon known for his knowledge and experience with High Extended SMAS Facelifts. This facelift technique is considered the gold standard for longer-lasting results and natural-looking outcomes. Dr. Hause is a leading facelift surgeon in Sacramento, known for providing patients with beautiful results.

Facelifts in the ’80s and ’90s were aggressive and invasive, which led to extensive scarring, swelling, and bruising, and the overpulling of the skin caused undesirable results. These methods didn’t address changes in the deep facial layers of the skin, muscle, and fat. Modern facelifts sculpt these areas for a supple and youthful look.

What Is a High Extended SMAS Facelift?

Dr. Hause’s technique for the facelift homes in on changes caused by natural aging and environmental damage from the sun or lifestyle factors, such as smoking. The skin loses elasticity and collagen as you get older, leading to lines, wrinkles, loose skin, and volume loss. Fat deposits shrink and descend lower in the face, causing jowling and increased submental fat (double chin). Where traditional facelift focuses on excess skin and pulling the lax tissues back into place, High Extended SMAS Facelift is more strategic and addresses deep tissues in addition to removing loose skin.

Our plastic surgeon is among the less than 1% of plastic surgeons who can expertly perform this complex facelift technique. Dr. Hause sculpts and readjusts the migrated fat and modifies the muscles and deeper facial layers to improve jowling, loose skin, and facial hollowing. The deep layer technique enhances cheek contours, redefines the jawline, and sculpts the neck for results that regularly last more than 15 years for Dr. Hause’s patients.

The natural-looking results of High Extended SMAS Facelifts help patients look like a younger version of themselves. Dr. Hause often recommends non-surgical treatments, such as facial fat transfer or injectables, to enhance facelift outcomes. With proper skin care, including daily moisturizing and sunscreen, patients can enjoy their results for decades. Facelift focuses on the mid and lower face, and Dr. Hause may recommend eyelid surgery or brow lift to rejuvenate the upper face.

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