Will My Facelift Scars Be Obvious?

Sacramento facelift scarring

Facelift Scars

If you have been thinking about turning back the clock on facial aging with a facelift, you might be concerned about the appearance of scars. Scarring is inevitable whenever incisions are made into the skin. But the good news is that as long as you work with a qualified plastic surgeon and follow post-op instructions carefully, your scars should heal properly and fade up to the point that they become nearly invisible.

Dr. Donald Hause is a trusted facelift surgeon in Sacramento. Here, he discusses the factors that matter the most when it comes to facelift scarring.

The Surgeon’s Skill and Experience

Oftentimes, noticeable or obvious scars from a facelift are a result of a poorly performed operation. The best facelift surgeons are knowledgeable in the latest and most advanced incision techniques that result in the least amount of visible scarring. Surgeons like Dr. Hause will strategically place incisions in natural facial creases or behind the hairline to hide scarring. Dr. Hause also avoids placing too much tension on the incisions, which could adversely affect the scars’ ability to heal properly.

Prior to your facelift procedure, your surgeon will meet with you and discuss the incision placement and techniques he or she will use. Be sure to ask any questions you may have in regard to your surgery.

Recovery Matters

One of the biggest culprits, when plastic surgery scars fail to heal properly, is poor wound care during the recovery process. After a facelift, your surgeon will provide you with a list of instructions to follow, including how to clean and care for your healing scars. Your surgeon will also advise you on when it’s safe to resume physical activities, including exercise. Exercising before your surgeon clears you to do so can strain your body and possibly lead to noticeable scarring.

Lifestyle Factors

Lifestyle factors after a facelift can also affect how well your scars heal. For instance, smokers tend to see more noticeable scarring than non-smokers, as smoking impairs the body’s ability to heal. Overexposure to the sun can also cause scars to darken and thicken. You will need to protect your scars from UV exposure for the first year after facelift; but due to the sun’s effect on the aging process, it’s a good idea to apply sunscreen and establish other good sun care habits long-term.

Meet Our Facelift Surgeon

Dr. Hause has years of experience producing beautiful and natural-looking results with facelifts. We invite you to visit his before-and-after photo gallery and the results of former facelift patients. Once you are ready, Dr. Hause will gladly meet with you to explain what you should expect from a facelift, including scarring. Dr. Hause will also explain the incision technique he uses, as well as the steps he takes to minimize scarring.

To schedule your one-on-one consultation, please contact Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery by calling (916) 646-6869 or emailing our office today.

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