Why Back-to-School Season Is the Perfect Time for Mommy Makeover

Mommy MakeoverPerfect Time for Mommy Makeover

It’s been a busy summer, keeping the kids entertained and driving them to summer camps, play dates, the neighborhood pool, the movies, the mall, and more. You must be exhausted! The great news is school starts soon and you’ll have some time to rest, relax and restore — the perfect time to consider treating yourself to a mommy makeover. You’ve probably thought about it already (and maybe even done a little research). In this blog post, Sacramento Plastic Surgeon Dr. Donald Hause discusses why back-to-school season is the perfect time for your mommy makeover.

The Kids Are Occupied During the Day

This reason is the most obvious: your kids are back in school. The beginning of the school year promises you some alone time, something you rarely experience during the summer. And after a hectic summer, you deserve to treat yourself to something special: your long-awaited mommy makeover. It’s true; you will need the help of your partner, a family member or friend for several days following your surgery. This person will be responsible for driving your children to and from school, preparing meals for the family and helping with homework and housework (literally doing the heavy lifting). The result will be well worth it.

You Have Alone Time

As just mentioned, your family and friends will need to help during the first few weeks as you recover. Temporary side effects of surgery include soreness, bruising, swelling and limited range of motion — meaning rest and relaxation are your first order of business. Back-to-school season fits perfectly with this requirement because your kids will be at school, and you’ll be able to rest all day in the comfort, peace and quiet of your own home.

Recover by the Holiday Season

Mommy makeover recovery does require at least two weeks of rest and relaxation. It can take even longer to feel like yourself again. However, rest assured that by having the procedure around the start of the school year, you can expect to fully recover and look fabulous for the upcoming holiday season.

Consult with Dr. Hause

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