How These Breast Lift Techniques Elevate Your Breasts With Minimal Scarring (Lejour and Benelli)

A breast lift procedure lifts and enhances the contour of the breasts and helps women achieve a perky appearance. It is an excellent choice for those who experience breast sagging due to weight loss, aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or other factors. However, a common concern for those interested in breast lift... Read More

How to Choose a Breast Implant Shape: Round vs. Tapered or Teardrop Implants

Women considering breast augmentation will have a number of important decisions to make, one of the most important of which is the shape of their breast implants. Using knowledge, expertise, and advanced technologies, leading Sacramento, CA board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Donald Hause helps patients select the most appropriate breast implant... Read More

Struggling With Those Last Few Pounds? Liposuction Focuses on Stubborn Areas

Millions of people struggle to shed extra inches in classic problem areas, like the hips and thighs, so it’s easy to see why liposuction remains the most popular cosmetic procedure performed year after year. When diet and exercise fail to produce the results you expect, it may be time to... Read More

Botox vs. Juvéderm: Which Injectable Is Best for Your Lines and Wrinkles?

For many people, lines and wrinkles appear as the first visible signs of facial aging. In their earliest stages, facial wrinkles may be manageable with topical products and over-the-counter solutions alone, but there comes a time when the aging process will inevitably escape the control of a DIY approach. Cosmetic... Read More

Breast Lift With Minimal Scarring? Techniques That Elevate Breasts With Limited Scars

Over time the position and perkiness of the breasts can change. Age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations can cause breasts to sag. A popular procedure to gain back breast perkiness is breast lift. Prior to performing breast lift, Dr. Donald Hause, a board-certified plastic surgeon, will perform a comprehensive consultation.... Read More

How J Plasma Improves Loose Skin Without Surgery

Are you ready to improve the appearance of loose skin without surgery? Then J Plasma may be right for you! Dr. Donald Hause at Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery is a board-certified plastic surgeon. He is proud to offer J Plasma, a revolutionary minimally invasive technology. Read on to learn more about... Read More

What to Expect at Your Plastic Surgery Consultation After Massive Weight Loss

Many people require or are interested in plastic surgery after massive weight loss. The skin loses the ability to contract and snap back after being stretched from weight gain, and natural aging worsens lax skin. People often have loose, hanging skin in multiple body areas after losing 100 or more... Read More

Why the Facelift is Still a Popular Facial Plastic Surgery: A Focus on Natural-Looking Results

People start to notice significant signs of aging in their 40s and 50s and begin to worry about looking older than their given age. Men and women may try cosmetic treatments, such as injectables and laser skin resurfacing first, but facelift continues to be a top procedure for addressing age-related... Read More

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