How to Smooth Out Pesky Back Fat

Smooth out back fatHow to Smooth Out Pesky Back Fat

A sexy back can give you all the confidence in the world, but unfortunately, unsightly rolls of fat often stand in the way of that. If you’re embarrassed by pesky fat bulging out underneath your bra or hanging off your lower back, Dr. Donald Hause of Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery is here to offer a few solutions.

Step Up Your Cardio Game

Cardio or aerobic exercise is essential for fat burning. Aim for 30 to 60 minutes of cardio exercise at least four to five days a week. If you’re the type of person who gets bored of routine easily, try changing up your exercise plan every once in a while. Many individuals find it useful to incorporate different exercises and activities in order to not fall off the fitness “wagon.” Kickboxing, swimming, dancing, elliptical training, and running are all great options for burning back fat.

Tone Your Back Muscles

The only way to get a toned and sculpted back is by working out your back muscles. Include specific exercises that strengthen back muscles in your workout regimen. Planks, pull-ups, and dumbbell rows are all effective for toning the back. You can perform dumbbell rows without weights, but for an added challenge, you can add light weights (three to five pounds).

Consider Liposuction …

If exercising still isn’t giving you the sexy back you want, it may be time to seek professional help. Liposuction is a great solution to remove small, stubborn deposits of fat, including pesky back fat. Following liposuction, patients can enjoy a slimmer, smoother silhouette.

Or Body Lift

Keep in mind that liposuction removes stubborn fat deposits but not loose skin. If you are embarrassed by sagging, hanging skin on your back, a body lift can help. Body lift is a body contouring procedure designed to remove excess skin on various body areas, including the abdomen, waist, and back. During the procedure, Dr. Hause will excise the loose skin and tighten the remaining skin for a smoother appearance.

Learn More about Liposuction

To find out whether liposuction or a body lift can give you a sexier back and a more attractive overall figure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hause. Please call Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery at (916) 646-6869.

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