Three Reasons to Get a Body Lift

Three Reasons to Get a Body Lift

Body liftReasons to get a body lift is a body contouring procedure that focuses on removing excess skin on the waist, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. The procedure is often sought out by patients who have lost a large amount of weight, either through diet and exercise or surgery. Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Donald Hause shares three common reasons why people undergo body lift.

To Obtain a More Attractive Body Figure

Unsurprisingly, many people are excited to show off their smaller figure after losing weight. However, often times these people are left with loose, sagging skin that no longer contracts well on the body. Unsightly folds of skin can be noticeable when wearing form-fitting clothes, creating a not so attractive figure. Body lift eliminates this drooping skin, creating a more proportionate body figure that patients can proudly and confidently show off.

To be Able to Move Comfortably

Sagging, loose skin is heavy and difficult to move around, making exercise and daily activities difficult. Additionally, folds of skin can rub against other parts of the body, causing sores, rashes and infections. With excess skin removed, patients report being able to exercise much more easily and comfortably. Regular exercise is essential for patients to maintain their newly sculpted and toned body.

To Boost Self-Confidence

After working so hard to lose weight, many patients still don’t feel confident enough to show off the results of their diet, exercise or weight loss procedure. Bulging folds of skin can be embarrassing. As a result, patients may refrain from interacting with others or avoid public settings like the beach. Following body lift, a patient’s confidence, as well as their quality of life, skyrockets. No longer being held back by feelings of self-doubt caused by unsightly folds of skin, these patients report feeling happier and more open to opportunities.

Interested in Body Lift?

If you have recently lost a large amount of weight and are bothered by sagging skin left behind by your weight loss, Dr. Hause can help. The talented plastic surgeon can also pair body lift with liposuction to remove stubborn deposits of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. This helps create a smoother, slimmer silhouette.

Learn more about body lift by scheduling a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Hause. Please call Sacramento Aesthetic Surgery at (916) 646-6869.

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